Throughout the years I have been privileged enough to find out about some amazing organizations that do great work around the world. I’ve always wanted to spread the word around about who they are, what they do, and what they stand for. Lately I’ve been getting some comments and fan mail regarding this blog (keep them coming, they totally make my day!), so with a good following here it seems like the perfect opportunity to showcase these organizations.

My purpose in doing this is twofold. These organizations, for the most part, are working on pretty slim budgets, so any donations they can get are appreciated. My hope is that at some point you see an organization that touches your heart and decide you would like to contribute towards that organization. I know many of us don’t have spare money lying around (including myself), so my larger purpose in doing this is simply to bring awareness to the issues being highlighted by these organizations. It always amazes me how much goes on in the world around us, and most people have no idea because we get busy with our lives and routines, and the news is too busy reporting on Tiger Woods and Lohan’s most recent late arrival in court. My hope is that you will read about issues affecting people around the world through this humble blog of yours, and will be inspired to discuss these issues with your friends and family.
Keep your eyes peeled for a later post with December’s “Charity of the Month.”
(Also, if you know of an organization you would like me to write about, feel free to comment below or send a message to